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About Us

Have you experienced any of the following with your dog?

  • Not coming when called
  • Running out of open doors
  • Biting
  • House breaking

We have over TWENTY years experience in training many breeds of dogs. We pride ourselves on connecting the owner and the dog in a positive and yet effective method. No two dogs are exactly alike, so we approach each and every dog based on its own unique character and capabilities. Many years of internship and hands on training has taught me that each owner as well as each dog has his own unique way of communicating and learning. We use these 'ques' to train the dog to custom fit the owner, as well as make the dogs sessions a lot less stressful. Using this technique helps the owner to better communicate with their dog and strengthen the relationship.

When a dog becomes part of your family, he will greatly trust in your ability to lead and support the pack. During our training, praise and direction become the "treat" in your dog's eye, not the liver in your pocket. Dogs learn and teach through various movements, vocal tones and expressions. You must learn your dog's language, before you can train him.

We offer obedience classes in group and private sessions also offering In-Kennel. Each session is designed to give the owner the knowledge and correct technique in reaching their dog's full potential. The environment in which a dog is taught should vary from the area of proofing your dog. We will teach your dog the correct behavior with "real life" distractions and pressures that you will find in your daily routine. This is an area where we feel many other training classes fall short. Think about it, most dogs perform well at home, in a room without ANY distractions. However, if you take that same dog to the park you will definitely encounter many problems neither you nor your dog will be ready to deal with. All of these things should be considered when training your dog. We teach your dog to respond and react to you as the leader regardless of type of distraction.

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"K9 Comapanion has been a blessing to me & my dog.  They helped train and housebreak my rottweiler puppy and gave me the tools necessary to continue the best relationship possible between my dog and my family" -- Sonic Jones, Atlanta, GA